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Culture of Celebrity - Is It All Glamour

Culture of Celebrity – Is It All Glamour

What is it like to be a celebrity for a day, having all the attention to yourself and not being able to come out of your house without escaping notice? Is there any fun in that kind of lifestyle? Let’s break this one into pros and cons, because I would really like to find out the truth behind the culture of celebrity.


You are famous

People get to know your name and your work. Thus, you have the chance to affect people in positive ways. For example, if you’re supporting a particular cause (let’s say cancer research or education for poor), you have the opportunity to be heard and respected.

You meet cool people

You have the chance to hang out around very important people from all over the world. You share your ideas and believe with other celebrities and successful people too. With your strong network, you can easily advance any agenda and draw attention to whatever cause you champion.

You are a role model

You are someone who can be admired as your impact on people can be profound. Your lifestyle is something people strive for. Your beliefs are something people support and cherish. This also makes you live up to their expectations because there are so many people who use you as a standard for success.

You’re financially settled

If you’re a top class celebrity, you probably don’t have to worry about money. You have proven that you are valuable, and you’re paid accordingly. Being financially independent, you have the chance to help the others with their problems.

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You don’t have much privacy

You are followed every single day, even when you do regular stuff, like shopping or taking your kids to school or park. And the worst part is that these media guys will always make a meal out of anything so you have to be on your best behavior.

You can’t be your true self

You have major responsibility for what you’re going to say or do. It’s like you’re being watched over, and every wrong move can be judged by others. Also, it puts a lot of pressure on you.

People idolize you or envy you

Being idolized is god but people can be pretty judgmental too. It’s like you don’t have the right to make mistakes – you always have to be at your best, in every situation.

Your success is just a tip of the iceberg

People only see the bright side of your lifestyle – the money, the glamour, the attention, travels, nice cars, houses… But, they don’t see how much effort you put into that nor what you are sacrificing in order to have this “perfect life”. Nobody wants to see that you’re just a normal person with ordinary problems and needs.